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Attention To Our Needs
March 2021
WOW! That would be my one word to sum up our interaction with The Susan Glenz Team. Alex Cope helped my wife and I find our perfect home. This was two years ago so the fact that it’s still fresh enough in my mind to write this review now speaks volumes to how enthused we are about the experience. Obviously, all the boxes you’d expect to be checked were. Promptness. Attention to our needs. Negotiating savviness. I bet you can find these qualities elsewhere too, though (maybe not to such a high degree). What really swept us off our feet was how far out of her way Alex was willing to go to help us. She had her husband, a contractor, come out to the lot we were considering to take measurements to see if the city would clear a garage we were planning to build. She also took care of mowing our lawn for the two summer months before we could move there (we moved from out of state). WOW! That’s something I bet you can’t get elsewhere. And yes, the cake has icing on it, too! Every month, the team gives away small freebies like apple picking vouchers or a gift certificate to a bakery. Additionally, they do quarterly group events like scavenger hunts (with prizes!!) or cooking classes. These are not competitive. First come first serve. An ideal way to stay connected for them and suuuper-fun date nights for us. Everyone wins. So, yeah, if you want the WOW! experience, choose SGT!!!
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